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9 Fast Facts About Marijuana, Including 1 Telling Statistic — The Motley Fool

This year marks the 20th anniversary of marijuana receiving its first state-level approval. If we look at the marijuana industry today from an investor’s point of view, 9 amazing facts and figures stand out, including one telling statistic.

The “Echoes” Game Deals with Mental Health Openly

Portraying mental health from a critical perspective in video games isn’t common, but the issue is gaining traction as it’s discussed more openly. “Echoes” is a game dealing with the journey through counseling and overcoming mental issues.

Response to the Yellowstone Bison Incident from a Wildlife Biologist

As a society, we need to do better regarding why we think it’s okay to interfere with wildlife. As a biologist, I can tell you why it’s not.

Drumbeat of Multiple Shootings, but US Isn’t Listening

Of the 358 shootings in 2015, only a handful were high-profile mass shootings; the rest chronicle how easily lives are shattered when a firearm is readily available.

New Prison Policies Protect, Respect Transgender Inmates

Pennsylvania prisons are complying with federal rules regarding the safety of transgender inmates, but some advocates want them to do more.

Native Americans Forge Path to Better Dental Care

Poor oral health is a scourge on tribal lands across the nation, but some see a path forward in a different kind of dental professional.

Songs for the Dying: Hospice Choirs Bring Peace, Comfort

The singers enter single file, taking slow, deliberate steps as they intone a soft melody. Norman Doelling, an 85-year-old who recently suffered a stroke, is there waiting, an audience of one.

Ollie’s Rare Diagnosis | Read More | Landing | Blog | DoveLewis

Ollie, a 10 year-old Sheltie had always been very healthy, but after a camping trip he became lethargic then paralyzed. A rare diagnosis saved his life.

7 Unhelpful Phrases and Better Responses to Help Those Living with Anxiety

Generalized anxiety disorder affects 40 million people in the US and is characterized by excessive, persistent and unrealistic worry caused by genetics, brain chemistry and personality. Here are 7 ways to rephrase common statements.

Minimum Income Required to Live in Each State

Whether you’re a recent college graduate deciding where to begin your career or a seasoned professional looking for a change, it’s important to consider how much it actually costs to live where you want to settle.

60 Ft into a Culvert to Rescue Dog

An Animal Control Officer in Steamboat Springs, CO crawled 60 feet into a narrow culvert to rescue a scared dog.

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Preserving Native Languages in the Classroom Helps Refugee Students

Syrian children are facing a massive adjustment, and maintaining their birth language and culture is key to every child’s identity.