Cloud of Smoke

You’ve heard the expression “spread like wildfire,” right? Wildfires can start in an instant, and build quickly. Since wildfire season is upon us and people and animals in Canada are suffering horrendously already, I’m publicizing a brief video created by FEMA that reminds those of us in wildfire zones about the cost of living unprepared.


Two young immigrants slowly come to grips with what it means to be “illegal” in the only place they call home.

Chicago Computer Scientists Program an End to Food Waste

Every day Rajesh Karmani has to solve a complex logistics puzzle: on one side, 100+ food donors (restaurants, corporate cafeterias, groceries and catering companies), on the other, 250 nonprofits that need food, including shelters and after-school programs.

9 Women Speak Out Against Motherhood Pressures

Women face an undue amount of pressure and judgment when it comes to motherhood. These powerful women aren’t immune to criticism, but they speak eloquently against gender bias as it applies to motherhood.

Changing the Narrative

People can sabotage their own efforts by looking at things in terms of “I can’t do it.” Whether we’re aware of it or not, our energy is reflected in our word choices.

Wrongly Imprisoned Dad Sees Son Graduate College

While hundreds of students walked across the stage during graduation from Goshen College, the moment was especially exciting for a father and son duo who thought it would never happen.

It Takes Effort to Be Selfish

A new study suggests we are altruistic at heart.

True Tale of a Vigilante Islamic Librarian Who Saved Thousands of Books

A manuscript collector from Timbuktu became an unlikely underground hero in the fight against fundamentalism.

Fastidiously Engineered Ford EcoBoost Diesel Promises Big Fuel Savings

Ford has launched a new EcoBoost diesel engine promising a 13% improvement in fuel economy to go with its improved refinement and performance.

24 Groups Leading the Charge in Cultivating Urban Farming

According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization nearly 1 billion people worldwide are now engaged in urban agriculture. From Nairobi, Kenya to Brooklyn, New York farmers and eaters are finding ways to green their cities.

Transgender Girl’s Photo Shoot Becomes Powerful Protest

Photographer Meg Bitton’s photo of transgender child Corey is the latest image to go viral in response to the NC bathrooms legislation. “If this was YOUR daughter, would you be comfortable sending her into a men’s bathroom? Neither would I. Be fair. Be kind. Be empathetic. Treat others how you would like to be treated,” Bitton wrote on Facebook.

New Re-Segregation Plan: Koch Brothers, ALEC and Undoing Brown v Board of Education

Sixty years after Brown, Southern segregation is on the rise — and “school choice” is its vehicle.

Canada Plans Marijuana Legalization by Spring 2017

Canada’s Liberal government will introduce legislation to legalize and regulate recreational marijuana in spring 2017, Health Minister Jane Philpott said.

Top 10 Online Colleges for Low Income Students

For those with low income jobs, earning a university degree may seem like a dream that is out of reach. It’s not. Here are 10 awesome, affordable colleges.

Man Goes Distance for Tiny #Hummingbird His #Dog #Rescued

Rex and his new guardian, Ed Guernon, spotted a hummingbird on the ground, covered in ants. Gernon says he thought that the bird was dead, but the dog refused to leave.

15 Things I Hear as the Parent of an Autistic Child and My Responses

A mother shares 16 things she’s heard as the parent of an autistic child that she prefers others not say, and her responses to them.