About Us

Allies.Care Magazine strives to quell bias and bigotry by collecting positive stories from around the web to empower those who are marginalized or underrepresented, to educate the privileged, to influence decision-makers and to highlight the many, admirable role models who make this planet a better place.

We publish original essays on current topics by our editors and guest contributors in our Opinion section.

We also offer a trove of Resources. Our Social Justice page contains links to government and non-profit organizations, blogs and publications to help you find information and/or support. We also maintain a nationwide Calendar to apprise you of upcoming events so that you can attend and add your voice to conversations critical to improving our nation.

Soon, our Shop for Good store will offer a range of stylish clothing and merch where you can make your own statement and contribute to good causes. We’ll donate 20% of the proceeds to selected charities.

Supporting our allies, communicating effectively by establishing a rapport and bringing you good news, that’s Allies.Care!

Join us.